The mission of the Center for Consumer Financial Education is to scour the web to curate the best educational material to improve how Americans understand money. We find expert-driven content and educational material to help individuals with financial planning, credit and debt, money management, and basic financial literacy. CCFE puts this information into one place and champions this information with interested communities.


Why CCFE? There’s a ton of information on the internet teaching people about personal finances, but not all in one place. Lack of financial education and understanding of money matters has real detrimental effects on people’s lives and welfare.

63% of American adults scored 3 or fewer correct answers out of 5 questions covering economics and finance in everyday life.

41% of millennials are “chronically stressed” about money matters.

Only 17% of millennials feel experienced in the topic of personal finance.

54% of households have less than $25,000 in savings set aside for retirement.

How we help

  • Parents

    Whether your child is elementary school age or in college, find age-appropriate financial education materials to make sure they are on a solid financial path early.

  • Educators

    K-12 and higher education teachers can find the best of the web’s personal finance training modules and online workshops to incorporate into curricula.

  • Students

    Particularly for older children and young adults, personal finance topics come thick and fast as you encounter new life experiences and responsibilities—from starting a new job and paying taxes to paying bills and taking out loans. Financial education materials can help demystify complicated decisions.

  • Seniors

    Seniors encountering life changes—such as moving from full-time work to retirement or partial retirement, or changing housing to accommodate new life needs or health concerns—need to have a firm grounding in evaluating the financial costs of various options. We can point you to calculators, articles, and more.

  • Borrowers

    Whether you are applying for a credit card or taking out a student loan or home mortgage, you should understand the creditor’s loan terms and how debt payoff works. These concepts are rarely taught in schools, but knowing how to responsibly use debt is critical to a healthy financial life.

  • Veterans

    Active-duty military servicemembers, veterans, and their families are often eligible for specialized financial products. Do these make sense? Our materials can help with this decisionmaking.

Got a great financial resource?

Submit it to our team and we’ll consider adding it to our online resources and email promotion.